5 Simple Wellness Tips for a Better Life


Improving our wellness may seem like a vague concept or a tall order. The word wellness covers everything from our health to our mindset to our outlook on life.

And if it covers so many different aspects, how can we even begin to improve it? Where do we start?

This is a question I struggled with for a few years — do I put all my effort into improving my health or working on my mindset? If I start with one, will the other naturally follow?

What I finally came to understand is how important it is to look at wellness as a whole big picture. And along the way, I also realized five crucial wellness tips that I keep in mind every day in order to live a better life!


5 Simple Wellness Tips for a Better Life

1. Rule number one of wellness: Learn BALANCE

The concept of balance applies to literally everything, which is why this word has been so important to me on my own wellness journey.

Whether it’s finding a great work/life balance, a balance of nutritious foods vs. indulgences, figuring out how to balance all the steps of your morning routine or anything in between — balance is always the key.

The important part of balance is knowing that while things do not always have to be “perfect” in order to fuel your wellness. Just do what feels right to you!

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2. Pay attention to your thoughts

A major part of how we feel stems directly from how we think. And I’m willing to bet that you’d be shocked if you started tuning into your thoughts!

So that’s actually exactly what I’m challenging you to do — for the next 24 hours, make it a point to really pay attention to your thoughts and tune into any negative thoughts without judgement.

No matter what the negative thought is, just make a mental note of it and then let it go.

Once you realize how many negative thoughts pass through your mind each day, you’ll feel SO ready to start shifting your mindset and feeding your wellness through the power of thought!!

3. Ditch the word ‘perfect’

Lemme tell ya something. Things are literally never going to be perfect.

We will always have struggles. We will always have flaws. We will always have shortcomings. But this also means that we will always have room to grow.

Personally, I’ve started to look at my lack of perfection as a good thing — there is always room for me to grow and learn and be a better human.

I never strive to have a perfect day, a perfect routine, a perfect anything because it’s just not possible to produce consistent results with that mindset. It’s time for us to remove ‘perfect’ for our vocabulary.

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4. Figure out where there’s room for improvement

Have you ever heard of the Wellness Wheel exercise? If not, it’s time to hop on this important part of your wellness game!

A Wellness Wheel is the perfect way to figure out what areas of your life are thriving and bringing you all the joy and motivation, and what areas could maybe use a little more time and effort.

I came across this exercise from a blogger I adore, Catherine of The Blissful Mind. She has an awesome post all about this AND a download that you can print out to do your own wellness wheel!

This visual representation will make you confident in your next steps toward wellness and you’ll have a clear picture of what areas you can work on to bring more wellness into your life.


5. Know that you’re capable of anything

I have a letterboard in my room that has said “you are capable of literally anything” in my room for the past few months. Saying that phrase out loud literally makes me feel like superwoman.

No matter how wild our dreams are or how big our goals may be, we are capable of accomplishing anything we put our minds to.

Start telling yourself every single day that you’re capable of anything. Soon enough, you’ll actually believe it.

To sum it up, it’s so important to look at our wellness as a whole and learn the importance of balance. Pay attention to your thoughts and figure out where there’s room for improvement, but don’t strive for perfection. And always, always remember that you are capable of anything.