Tough Love Reasons You’re Struggling with Personal Growth


Personal growth can have all different stages and mean different things to everyone – whether we’re in the beginning stages of looking inwards and learning about ourselves, or actively working on improving who we are.

But sometimes, even though it’s an incredible journey, personal growth can seem intimidating or even impossible. There are a few reasons that we struggle with personal growth – we might be stuck in a certain cycle, or trapped in uninspiring habits, or just haven’t even put much thought into it.

Once we explore and realize what’s been holding us back on our personal growth journey and are able to work on overcoming those blocks – that’s when the magic happens. So today, I’m sharing a few tough love reasons you’re struggling with personal growth. Know that I say all of this from a place of love, girl! And, if I’m being quite honest, a place of wisdom since I’ve totally been there before!


Tough Love Reasons You’re Struggling with Personal Growth

1. You’re stuck in ‘consume’ mode rather than ‘change’ mode

This is a place we’ve all felt trapped in before – sometimes without even realizing it! When we’re feeling inspired and ready to make positive life changes, we tend to consume as much knowledge and insight as possible through self-help books, podcasts, blogs, etc.

And while consuming knowledge and insight is all well and good, it’s really not helpful at all unless you’re actually applying what you learn and taking action to change your life.

It’s ironic because so many self-help resources include exercises or tasks that you can do right in the moment in order to begin making changes, but we usually get so focused on consuming as much of the content as possible that we tell ourselves we’ll come back to it or we’ll do it later once we just finish this chapter. And then we forget all about it and continue to consume!

The fix:

The fix for getting out of the consume rut and initiating change is simple – do those freakin’ exercises and tasks! If you’ve consumed any great self-help content lately, go back and find the actions that you should have taken in the moment and allow yourself the time to really work on them.

Another fix is to write out at least two inspired habits you’d like to incorporate into your daily routine. These two habits can be as simple as making the bed each morning, drinking more water or spending less time on your phone. Reflect on why it’s important to you to add these habits into your daily routine, how you hope to feel after completing them, and then spend at least one week really focusing on them every single day!

Don’t get too hung up on the fact that you may have missed the mark on the whole self-help concept – it’s never too late to take that inspired action and make things happen!

2. You haven’t developed inspiring habits

Ya know those inspired habits I was just telling you to write out? Well… they’re pretty important. We all have habits and routines, whether that routine consists of good aspects like morning stretches and avoiding the phone at night, or not-so-good aspects like hitting snooze and not taking time for ourselves throughout the day.

And sometimes, we just don’t have the routines formed that set us up for a day full of inspiration, motivation and growth. And that’s okay!

Creating routines can seem very intimidating, but just remember to start small and build on your good routines along the way. Once you get used to a good habit, think about how you can make it even better or how you can replace a bad one.

The fix:

Write down everything you do in a day. I mean everything – the good, the bad, the ‘meh.’ Think about which habits you’d like to keep, which ones you’d like to improve, and which ones you want to totally ditch.

Based on that, create a daily routine that inspires you! Write out when exactly you’ll make time for each habit every day and then make it happen!


3. You haven’t really thought it through

Personal growth is hard. I won’t lie to you and say it comes naturally or you don’t have to work for it – because you absolutely do have to work for it every single day! That’s why it’s so important to think through what personal growth means to you before starting your journey.

If you don’t put the thought into it and create a plan, chances are pretty high that you won’t be able to stick with it. Heck, 70% of people who start a plan, quit, so not even having the plan in the first place is a problem!

The fix:

Spend some time reflecting and writing out your answers to these questions:

  • What big dream do you hope to accomplish within the next year? Why is it important to you?

  • What goals can you create based on that big dream? Write down an annual goal and then break that down into monthly goals!

  • What actions can you take every day to work towards that monthly goal?

Look at that, now you have a plan in place! It’s that easy!

Let me know what your biggest struggle is when it comes to personal development in the comments below and I’ll help you come up with a plan to overcome it!