3 Tips to Successful Self-Coaching


Do you have big dreams of a future when you actually feel joy, balance and inspiration every day? A future when you wake up in the mornings so excited to tackle the day? A future when you write down your goals on January 1st and are able to look back and feel so proud at the end of the year for all you’ve accomplished?

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to make one big change in your life:

It’s time to start self-coaching.

Self-coaching is something that the majority of us don’t actively do, even though we should. And while it might be tough to start initiating personal growth, instilling the mindset of coaching yourself is the perfect place to start.

Once you take on the mindset of coaching yourself, you’ll start to see insane progress faster than you ever have before. Coaching yourself can be the one element that you’ve been missing in the past, and these three self-coaching tips will help you get started.

3 Tips to Successful Self-Coaching

  1. Improve Your Mindset

If you’ve already started a personal growth journey, then you’re probably aware that mindset is everything. And that can be stressful because identifying and actively working to change the mindsets that we’ve been carrying around with us our whole lives is freakin’ hard.

My best tip:

Make an effort to tune into your thoughts as often as possible without judgement. Just acknowledge the thought and then let it go. Here’s an example:

I live in Jersey, where road rage and terrible drivers abound. I’ll often [more often than I’d like to admit!] catch myself thinking “you f*&^%$ @#!&*(^!!!” and immediately feel my heart start to speed up whenever someone even attempts to cut me off.

Now that I’m more in tune with my mindset, I usually catch myself during the third or fourth curse word that comes to mind and change my thoughts to “is it really worth it for me to get angry over this?” The answer has always been a big fat NOPE.

So, without judging myself for the way I reacted, I just let it go.

Whether it’s small matters such as your reaction to a bad driver or bigger things like realizing your negative self-talk is seriously messing with your confidence, just make the effort to tune in, catch your thoughts and evaluate how they make you feel.


2. When Setting Goals, Start Small

Listen, I am all about trying to make big, huge, positive changes in myself. If I could wake up and conquer every limiting belief, crush every goal and cultivate a life of wellness every day, I freakin’ would.

But that’s just not the case.

My best tip:

I’ve found that the best way to begin self-coaching is to start building trust in yourself by taking small actions towards your goal every single day. And when I say small, I mean tinyyyy!! Here’s what I’m talking about:

One of my goals for 2019 is to become the kind of person who does things at the first opportunity and avoids procrastination. That goal covers a lot of stuff.

So I’m breaking it down and building up the belief that I already am that person by doing super tiny things every day including:

  • Spending ten minutes tidying up my room each night

  • Selecting my outfit for the following day

  • Folding the laundry right when it’s done

  • Hanging up my coat and purse where they belong rather than throwing them on the floor out of sheer laziness.

By doing these small things, I’m proving to myself that I’m capable of putting the time into doing important tasks right away - even if the task takes literally three seconds.

3. Write Out Your Dream Day

Developing positive habits and creating days full of balance will make our self-coaching journey even easier. It’s important to note that not every day will be perfect… in fact, most days won’t be perfect! But knowing what your dream day looks like is certainly a good place to start.

My best tip:

  1. Start out by writing down every single habit/task/etc. that you currently do each day.

  2. Use a green highlighter to select the ones that bring you joy and that you want to keep

  3. Highlight in yellow ones you want to improve upon

  4. Highlight in red ones you want to ditch.

  5. Then add in the things that you’d love to be part of your daily routine in addition to what you already have.

Go through the list and create a dream day that includes these routines and tasks. I actually have a checklist in my notes app that lists out my Morning and Evening routines that I check through as I go each day. Most days don’t see 100% of the checks, but I’m always excited when I see them starting to fill up at the end of the day.

I’ve found that this exercise really gives you a clear picture of what’s working in your day-to-day life and what’s not. You’ll quickly see what habits you want to ditch and which ones you can work on.

Don’t strive for perfection with this - just try to make progress each day!

Don’t forget to download the free Self-Coaching Success Method and start taking action towards your dream life today!