Why You Need Strong Morning Routines to Fuel Your Goals


Before we dive into today’s post, I am beyond excited to say that our July theme is Morning Routines! I’ve spent the past two months completely overhauling my morning routine, ditching the negative ways of starting my day and developing habits that make me feel motivated, inspired and HAPPY!

And today I’m sharing why exactly our mornings are SO important! I truly believe that our morning routines majorly impact everything from our wellness and happiness, to our productivity and goals. If you’re not totally convinced that how we start our mornings hold too much weight on the rest of our days and what we accomplish, then keep on reading girlfriend, because I’m about to change your mind.


4 Ways Our Morning Routines Impact Our Goals

1. Your mornings set the tone for your entire day

I know you agree with me on this one – if you start your morning hitting snooze over and over and rush out the door in a disheveled state, chances are high that your whole day will be disorderly and exhausting.

Now picture this: you wake up earlier than usual before work tomorrow; you don’t check social media or hit snooze, but rather, you just get up and start your day. You make your bed, make time for some exercise, cook a healthy breakfast and spend time getting your lunch ready. And you still have time to do your hair and makeup, pick out a nice outfit and maybe even run an errand on your way into the office.

TELL ME that doesn’t sound like the most relaxing/inspiring/motivating morning you’ve ever heard of?! You’ve accomplished SO MUCH before even getting into work, and you already know you have an incredibly productive and happy day ahead of you.

So, what does your ideal morning look like? What habits can you form to start your day off strong? Spend some time thinking about it!

2. You can incorporate your goals INTO your morning routines

Duh! Our morning routines can fuel our goals simply by incorporating our goals into each morning… this isn’t rocket science but you’d be surprised how long it took me to make this a priority!

Let’s take a look at your goals for 2018 or your monthly goals – write them all out on a piece of paper. Now break these goals down into small things you can do at the start of each day to work towards them, and write out how you’ll incorporate them into your mornings.

Want to read 12 books in 2018? Get in the habit of reading for 30 minutes every morning. Are you hoping to start exercising? Set aside at least a half hour for your favorite workout or some stretching every morning. Want to eat healthier during the workweek? Schedule in time to prepare your lunch and snacks for the day every morning.

You’ll start to see that forming an awesome morning routine isn’t so daunting when you’re inching closer and closer to your goals and doing things you enjoy in the process.

3. You’ll realize what’s truly important to you, ultimately helping to shape your goals

Imagine waking up and having a productive few hours while the rest of the world is still snoozing. Yes, your initial reaction might be jealousy, but I promise you that once you start making time for the things that are important to you first thing in the morning, you’ll be addicted.

You’ll have time to experiment with exercising, taking up a new hobby, starting a side hustle or anything else you can come up with, during a time when no one is going to distract you with emails, calls, texts or notifications.

Ultimately, you’ll end up realizing which aspects you feel are important to make time for in the first few hours of the day, and which ones you can do without. And that will 100% help shape your goals!

A real life example: I thought I absolutely hated running for pretty much my entire life. Last month, I started running in the mornings as the sun comes up, and I realized that the only reason I hated it was because I was too freaking tired after work to put any energy into it. Now, my runs are the time I find inspiration and clarity, and think through my goals for the future.

4. You’ll learn to do things for YOU

I know, I know… it’s way too easy to hit snooze and ignore any and all obligations until we head into the office. But what if I told you to shift your mindset and realize that your biggest obligation should be YOURSELF!

Are you making time to do things that inspire you every day? Or are you too worn out after work, so you usually just cuddle up in bed with Netflix and Nutella?

I’m not judging because if you asked me this question a few months ago, my answer would have been “Netflix n Nutella all day every day.” And I still do that some nights because a full day’s work is tiring! So my solution to this whole I’m-not-inspired-because-I’m-lazy issue was to make time for the things I love in the mornings.

I encourage you to spend just one week pushing your alarm clock back by 30 minutes, and spending that half hour doing something productive and inspiring that brings you joy and is unrelated to work – reading a book, doing some yoga, prepping a healthy lunch, working on a fun goal. I guarantee your whole day will be more positive and productive because of it!

Check back in on the blog throughout this month to find everything you need to revamp your mornings: steps to take to have a motivating morning, reasons you need to ditch your alarm clock (yes, I’m serious) and how to stick to your morning routine even when you don’t want to.

What can I say, mornings are kinda my jam… and they will be yours, too, pretty soon!

Do you feel like your morning routine needs some work? Let me know your biggest struggle when it comes to morning routines by leaving a comment below!