JOMO: 5 Ways Better Social Media Habits Will Improve Your Life


We all know what FOMO is, but have you ever experienced JOMO?

“The antithesis of FOMO (fear of missing out), JOMO is about disconnecting, opting out and being O.K. just where you are… Like it or not, we need our technology devices; we just don’t need them as much as we think we do. JOMO is about finding that balance.” – New York Times

Like the NY Times states, we need our cell phones… but we certainly do not need to accept our social media addictions! So the next time you’re struggling to step away from the phone, remember JOMO and the below five ways that better social media habits will improve your life!


5 Ways Better Social Media Habits Will Improve Your Life

1. You’ll improve your relationships

Have you ever been in a group of people or out with a friend, looked around, and realized that everyone had their heads buried in their phones? Snapping a photo every now and then is totally fine (I’m all about photographing those memories!) but scrolling through Instagram all night while surrounded by friends or loved ones IRL is just disrespecting the relationship!

The worst part is that we’ve all become so accustomed to ignoring the people we’re sitting next to in order to check in on the ones we’re not, to the point where it just seems natural to us.

The next time you’re out, make it a point to keep your phone in your handbag so you aren’t tempted to look at it. You’re guaranteed to have better conversations with the people you’re surrounded by and you’ll feel so relieved that you could just enjoy each other’s company without worrying about what everyone else is doing!


2. You’ll feel more aligned with yourself and in tune with your time on social media

When you clear out the clutter of following and constantly staying up to date with everyone else’s lives, you’ll feel much more tuned into your own thoughts and ideas. You’ll have more time to develop your hobbies, indulge in self-care and do things for YOU!

One task that majorly changed my outlook on social media and helped me find joy in it: unfollowing all of the accounts that don’t inspire me or bring a smile to my face. Now, I genuinely enjoy seeing everything that’s in my feed – from inspiring quotes to what friends are up to today to motivating influencers – and I’m less likely to get trapped on these apps for hours because I’m only following things that make me happy!



3. You can form stronger, healthier routines

Quick question for ya… what’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

If you’re answer was that you spend ten or more minutes on social media, then we need to talk. Think of all of the things you could be doing to start your day (or end your evening!) in a more productive and inspiring way – whether it’s stretching, reading, practicing a hobby, or even just taking time to be with your thoughts!

Once you eliminate the hours upon hours you spend scrolling social media, you’ll finally have time to begin focusing on what’s really important and develop the routines of your dreams.

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4. You can work on self-development

Do you have a stack of books you’ve been wanting to read for months? Or a list of goals you’ve been putting off?

No matter what aspect of your life you’d like to work on, developing better social media habits will certainly clear up the time and energy to allow you to focus on the more important things.

Take a minute right now to write down your answers to the following questions:

  1. One thing I’ve been putting off that I would LOVE to accomplish is:

  2. I’ll start working on accomplishing this task by doing:

For me, I spent months putting off reading a ton of books that I was so excited about because I felt like I just didn’t have time after my 9-5. Once I developed better social media habits, though, and decided to put the phone away after 9 P.M. every night, I instantly carved out 30 minutes every single night just for reading. And I absolutely love that half hour every night!


5. You’ll feel more focused, productive and motivated

Social media can be such a distraction when we’re trying to accomplish the big tasks, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you’re hoping to improve your day-to-day life by cutting down your time on social media, then a week-long social media break may be just what you need.

Which of these five life improvements are you looking forward to most?! Leave a comment to let me know!