8 Productive Ways to De-Stress After A Long Work Day


We've all been there: we come home from a LONG day at work and just want to snuggle up in bed and call it a night. But instead of getting way too much sleep and possibly setting yourself up for the same kind of day tomorrow, try indulging in a productive relaxation tonight.

I know what you're thinking (probably something along the lines of "why the $#*& would I want to be productive tonight after spending ALL DAY being productive at work?!"). BUT, the eight ways to de-stress that I'm sharing with you today are going to help inspire, motivate and relax you, all while setting you up for an even better day tomorrow. What more could you ask for?!


8 Productive Ways to De-Stress After Work

1. Get out for a walk

There is nothing better than spending some time outside after being at your desk working all day! Seriously, you'll be amazed at how refreshing it is to spend time in the sunlight (even if it's chilly out!) after spending your day indoors. Go for a walk by yourself and listen to some calming music, or have a friend or family member join you for some company. Either way, make some time to step outside, get fresh air in your lungs and decompress! 

2. Indulge in a spa night

Never underestimate the power of a good spa night. Pampering yourself a bit is bound to help you relax, so break out your favorite hair mask, nail polish, lip scrub, face mask and body scrub and get started! You can even DIY it and create your own hair and face masks out of ingredients you have right in your kitchen — Pinterest is a handy tool for finding great DIY spa options that you'll fall in love with! 

3. Pick up a calming hobby

Though it's been quite a while since the last time I DIYed, I absolutely love crafting! For me, it's such a calming hobby because I can focus on something as simple as painting a canvas rather than all of the small things I stress out about. If crafting isn't your jam, try something like meditation, embroidery, yoga, hand-lettering, gardening, reading, photography, baking or even coloring — there are so many awesome adult coloring books out there these days!

4. Make time for exercise

Elle Woods taught us that exercise gives us endorphins, and endorphins make us happy. And happy people just don't stress after a long day of work! Carve out some time for an exercise you love, try out a new class you think you'll enjoy, or even just spent a few minutes stretching or doing yoga before going to bed. Even if exercise is not your favorite thing in the world, you are guaranteed to feel good after it's done with! 

5. Read a relaxing book

No, I'm not talking about those thrillers that get your heart racing and your mind wondering how you'll ever possibly fall asleep tonight after reading this terrifying novel (I'm looking at you, Gillian Flynn). Instead, pick up an easy and light read that'll either inspire you, enthrall you or help put you to sleep 😂 A few of my favorite relaxing reads include Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson and anything by Emily Giffin! 

6. Put on your favorite throwback movie

Raise your hand if you feel like watching She's The Man or The Parent Trap could potentially make your life 99% better right now 🙋🏻 LOL, for real, though, does anyone else just get so happy when watching an awesome movie that they haven't seen in ages?! Think of what movie you LOVED when you were in middle school, high school or college and have a movie night... you deserve it!

7. Unplug for the night

My biggest love/hate relationship in the world is most definitely with technology. Trust me when I say I can scroll through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest with the best of 'em, but sometimes it's just so much better to unplug for a night. And there's no better time to do it than when you're stressed out! You won't feel compelled to check your emails or keep up with what every person you know is up to... instead you can focus on yourself!

8. Plan for tomorrow

I know, I know, the last thing you want to do right now is think about all the work you have to do tomorrow. BUT, if you spend just a few minutes planning your day, tomorrow might be just a lil less stressful! Think about what tasks you have to get done, and prepare yourself for getting the hardest parts done first (don't put them off until 3:00 PM!)... this way, you'll feel more relaxed and prepared for tomorrow!

How do you like to de-stress after a long day? Share your favorite methods in the comments below and stay tuned for more content this month about finding a work/life balance!