How to Avoid Burnout at Work


No matter how much you love your job, getting burnt out at work is always an unfortunate possibility. When we’re stressed out and feel like we have too much on our plates, we tend to put our needs on the backburner and do whatever it takes to get as much done as possible.

And while that may be a great work ethic, it only leads to burnout. It’s important to find methods that help you avoid burnout to stay at the top of your game while in the office, so today I’m sharing five things that I do every day that help me stay sharp and focused!

Don’t forget to share YOUR best methods for avoiding burnout in the comments below, too!


5 Ways to avoid burnout at work:

1. Plan out tomorrow’s tasks before heading out

There’s one thing that always happens before my most productive days: I write out my to-do list of exactly six things to accomplish before leaving work the day before. I’ve been following the Ivy Lee method, which consists of writing out six tasks (no more, no less) in order of importance (not ease or enjoyment) to accomplish the next day, and following that order until all tasks are complete. And lemme tell ya… this method works.

I encourage you to try out the Ivy Lee method tomorrow and I promise that you’ll have the most efficient and productive day ever without feeling stressed or burned out!

2. Start with the big tasks

It’s so easy to start off with the smaller, easier tasks at work, but if you start with the big projects, chances are you’ll be way more productive! Since you’re starting it first thing in the morning, you’ll have all the energy you need to get the task done well and you’ll feel super accomplished and relieved knowing it’s finished before you leave for the day. There’s nothing worse than having a big project looming over your head while you’re trying to get work done all day, so just knock it off your to-do list right away! 

3. Listen to something inspiring

Whether it’s a podcast or music that gets you motivated, listening to something inspiring can have a BIG impact on our day. I find that the days when I’m most productive in the office are the days when I start my morning off with a super motivating podcast during my car ride in, and then listen to soothing music (Simply Three is my FAVORITE!) while working. Spend a few days trying out different podcasts, playlists or Spotify stations to see what gets you focused and zoned in, and then let that music carry you through a productive work day!

If you’re into instrumental versions of today’s best songs, feel free to check out my Spotify playlist that I listen to all day every day at work here!

4. Take mini breaks

Research has shown that we’re a lot more productive and efficient at our tasks when we take small breaks throughout the day. Even if it’s something as simple as walking the long route to the water cooler to stay hydrated, taking mini breaks will clear your mind and help you re-focus when you need to. I also like to incorporate a short walk and some light stretches into my daily work routines to stay energized and concentrated… and I definitely feel the difference on the days I skip the breaks!

5. Look away from the screen

Staring at a screen all day does absolutely zero good things for you! Whenever I spend an entire day looking at the screen, I end up with dry eyes and a ton of neck/shoulder pain… not fun! That’s why I make it a point to turn away from the screen every now and then and work on other tasks or organize my planner and to-do list for the week. You’ll feel a lot more motivated to get things done if you step away from the screen every few hours throughout the workday!

What are your best tips for avoiding burnout at work? Let me know in the comments below!