3 Small Changes to Improve Your Health and Wellness


Health and wellness: we’re basically all striving for it; many struggle with it; and it seems like just a select few really have it figured out.

If you’re hoping to improve your overall health, exercise and wellness, then small changes are going to be your new BFF. These 3 small changes will help you improve your health and wellness and finally feel like you’re one of the ones who has it figured out!


3 Small Changes to Improve Your Health and Wellness

1. Do one small physical activity every day

A major issue I’ve come across in my own life and the lives of so many women hoping to improve their health is the all-or-nothing mindset.

For whatever reason, we convince ourselves that we have to spend an hour at the gym five days a week in order for it to have any impact. But what do we end actually up doing instead? Not going at all.

When we have such a daunting, time-consuming goal in our head (such as going to the gym 5 - or even 3 if you’re like me! - times a week) we automatically set ourselves up for failure. If we have one off day, we think “eh, the whole week is ruined now so I just won’t go at all.”

What I’ve learned is that it’s infinitely better to just commit to one small activity that you can do every day. Whether that’s ten minutes of walking, 20 pushups before bed or 30 jumping jacks right when you wake up is totally up to you. Find what feels right for you and promise to do it every single day.

Personally, I’ve been doing 100 squats every day and it’s made all the difference. It takes no more than ten minutes depending on how many breaks I need and I watch Riverdale while doing it because it feels less lazy than binging the show from my bed!

The simple act of doing 100 squats a day has TONS of benefits, aside from the obvious (but great) new definition in my legs:

  • I’m keeping a promise to myself, therefore reassuring my subconcious that I’m capable of accomplishing anything I set out to do

  • I feel motivated to do even more healthy activities or eat nutritious foods afterwards

  • Even though it’s a small goal that I can accomplish in less than ten minutes a day, it’s a goal that I’m actually accomplishing which is awesome!

The takeaway: Rather than setting a crazy big health goal that just scares the shit outta you, promise to do one small physical activity every single day that takes no more than ten minutes.

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2. When it comes to diet, it’s all about balance

Story time: My boyfriend and I were at Chili’s (literally our favorite spot) for dinner a few weeks ago. I’ve been on the Keto diet for the past few months, so I had a salad and water for dinner.

And then he ordered a chocolate chip cookie skillet… and I absolutely housed half of that thing. I’m talkin’ inhaled the thing, like he blinked and half of it was gone.

And I felt absolutely no regrets! When I told my boyfriend this, he made a really great point - if this were the Kelly of 4 months ago, I would have gotten a cheeseburger, fries, a Sprite and then still had half the cookie skillet. Fortunately, now I know that it’s all about balance.

These days, I don’t feel bad when I indulge in a not-so-healthy food that I love (and love is not a strong enough word for how I feel about Chili’s cookie skillet). I know that as long as I eat more nutritious, healthy foods than crappy fast food, I’ll be good to go.

Changing your diet is difficult, but it’s a lot easier when you aren’t depriving yourself of the foods you love. On special occasions like holidays, events, or when you’re just going out to eat with friends or your significant other, you’ll feel a lot better eating a less nutritious meal if you know you’ve been eating great for the most part lately.

Try to plan out your healthy meals for the week in advance so you can make great choices without having to put thought into it.

And then, when you want a cookie skillet, you eat a damn cookie skillet, girlfriend.

The takeaway: What we put into our bodies is a huge part of our wellness. Make the most of it by eating nutritious meals as often as possible, but make sure to let yourself indulge every once in a while!

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3. Take the time to find what works for you

Real talk: you are not going to wake up one morning and magically enjoy long-distance running or eating spinach in every meal. You know this. So stop trying to force it.

I think we all understand this on a subconscious level, but we want so badly to get the results we see other people getting, so we think whatever they did will work for us too.

So even if we absolutely hate whatever that person recommended, we tell ourselves we’re gonna go for it anyway. We’re gonna give it a try and hope it sticks.

But here’s the thing: we’re all different. We like/dislike all different foods and activities. So there’s no point in trying to force yourself to do something ya just don’t like. Whatever form of exercise or diet that may be for you, it won’t last long if you despise it.

The good news is that for every one thing you maybe don’t enjoy so much, there are tons of other options for you to try out instead. But you have to be willing to put the time and effort into finding what works for you.

It took me YEARS of trying and giving up on all different gym classes, online memberships, cookbooks and eating habits before finally finding what works best for me. Eating keto and going for walks are literally the easiest and most enjoyable things for me to do while actually seeing results. But I know a ton of other people who hate both of those things!

Whatever you do, don’t give up hope that you’ll find what works for you. You may have to go through a lot of trial and error, but once you figure out your best routine for health you will be so grateful that you put the time into finding it!

The takeaway: Figuring out your best health and exercise routines may be a long road, but stick it out until you find the diet and activities that bring you results AND joy.


To sum it up, small changes will add up to big results when it comes to our health. Start off by doing one small physical activity every day, keeping your diet balanced and finding the foods and activities that work for YOU! Once you start making these small changes, you’ll be on your way to your healthiest self in no time!