4 Reasons You’re Addicted to Social Media (+ How to Fix it)


Trust me when I say that I COMPLETELY understand the great benefits of social media… I’m actually a Social Media Specialist at my 9-5 so I live for this stuff!

But when it turns into an addiction that we spend the majority of our time on, it’s just not healthy. So today, I’m sharing four reasons you might be addicted to social media, and how to fix it!


4 Reasons You’re Addicted to Social Media (+ How to Fix it)

1. You’re hooked on FOMO

It’s way too easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing when we have at least three platforms to check constantly to see what they’re up to. If you find yourself checking in often just out of curiosity on what your friends are doing tonight, then you may be hooked on FOMO.

The fear of missing out can easily transform into a social media addiction — you waste hours refreshing Instagram to see what stories or posts have been added, switching to Snapchat to look at stories, and spend all night wishing you were there rather than enjoying your own night.

The fix:

Transform that FOMO into JOMO! That’s right, our fear of missing out can easily be altered to JOY of missing out if we just step away from the phone for a night and live in the moment. Once you really tune in to the company you’re surrounded by (or the alone time!) and the experience you’re having, you’ll be able to truly enjoy the moment without worrying about what other people are posting.  

Stay tuned later this month for a post all about the joy of missing out, but in the meantime, I’m curious… have you ever experienced JOMO, or are you still hooked on FOMO? Get in touch here to let me know your thoughts!


2. You’re trapped in the comparison game

I know I’m not the only one who follows fitness gurus, Victoria’s Secret models, the Kardashians and some people I’ve met IRL along the way who just make me think “how can I get to where THAT girl is at in life?!”

And when we come across those accounts, it’s easy to fall into an internet hole of stalking their incredible lives for clues as to how things got so perfect for them. An hour or two later and you’ve probably ended up feeling down on yourself, unmotivated to hit your goals and mad at yourself for just wasting all that time in the comparison game!

The fix:

The way to break this addiction is to remind yourself that THAT girl or celebrity or influencer probably has a list just as long as yours of women who she compares herself to – and that chances are, you are THAT girl for so many other women, too.

None of us have perfect lives, and we should never think that just because someone has the perfect Instagram, the perfect body, the perfect hair or whatever else, that she doesn’t have struggles, too. Remind yourself of YOUR awesome qualities, cheer on all those women you’ve compared yourself to along the way, and stay in your own lane to create a life that makes you proud and inspired.



3. You’re just plain bored

Girl, I get it. Sometimes we just need a lazy Sunday watching Netflix and scrolling Pinterest. But most days, we shouldn’t be turning to social media out of boredom.

I’ve learned that the hours before and after my 9-5 are precious – and it’s certainly not time I want to waste looking at what other people are doing, just because I’m bored and can’t think of anything better to do! How do you usually spend your downtime before or after work? If the majority of it is on social media, it may be time to rethink your routines!

The fix:

Find a healthier, more productive obsession! This could be literally anything from prepping meals or outfits for the week, to working on a hobby or reading a book, to exercising or doing yoga.

Find something that you enjoy and find productive or inspiring, and turn to that hobby instead of social media as often as possible!


4. You’re avoiding other tasks

Whether you’re at the office and putting off that big task for the day or just at home avoiding laundry or cleaning up your bedroom, sometimes we just turn to social media to avoid getting things done.

I find that this happens to me most at the end of the day when my energy and productivity are starting to dwindle, so I’ve put methods in place to avoid it! Have you ever taken note of when you turn to social media to put off a big task for a few minutes? It may be time to start!

The fix:

The trick is to stay tuned in when reaching for your phone and be honest with yourself – are you just going to check social media because you’re trying to avoid something else? If the answer is yes, then ditch the phone and get it done!

I like to keep my phone on silent and put it out of sight whenever I’m trying to accomplish a big task. I find that this helps me to truly tune in to what I’m doing, and allows me to avoid the distraction of notifications and social media until after the task is finished.